Progressing Through Our Program

For a basic overview of our Learn to Skate, Snowplow and Learn to Play Hockey Programs, check out the descriptions here!

We are proud to be partnering with Learn to Skate USA.  This partnership provides your skaters with instruction from background-screened, certified instructors and classes that follows a standardized curriculum founded in solid and fun skill progression. Whether your skater is interested in hockey, figure skating, speed skating or building recreational skills, our program builds confidence on the ice.  

There is no "one path fits all" for on-ice development. Each participant is unique and skaters/players will spend different amounts of time developing skills.  Use the chart below to find out more about the path through our Learn to Skate and Learn to Play Hockey programs!

If you have questions about Learn to Skate, Figure Skating or Speed Skating, email Coach Brooke.

If you have questions about Learn to Play Hockey, or if you're interested in learning more about how to develop hockey skills, email our Ice Director, Mike Fountain. You can also contact Mike about any other Ice Arena business, including HAWK inquiries, private ice rentals or Pro Shop questions. 

Program Levels

List of stages of skating and hockey lessons

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Use our online registration portal or email Gillian with questions.

Level 1

New skaters begin our program at Level 1. Ages 3-5 will start with Snowplow and ages 5-17 with Learn to Skate Basic Skills 1-2.  Skaters and players will progress from Level 1 at their own pace, there's no set age to move to Level 2. If your child is interested in hockey, but has no skating experience, they will start out with Learn to Skate Level 1 too!

Level 2

At Level 2, your player can start working on their hockey skills in Learn to Play and then Cross Ice Hockey. Your skater can develop their Figure Skating in Learn to Skate Basic Skills Levels 3-6. Skaters who are interested in recreation skating skills are welcome at this level too!

Speed Skating

If your skater is interested in Speed Skating, we can provide referrals for local programs and organizations.

Level 3

Hockey: Once Level 2 is completed, your player can move to the Hockey Association of West Kent (HAWK), our home team. Email Coach Mike with questions.

Figure Skating: Once Learn to Skate Basic Skills is completed, your skater can begin working on US Figure Skating's Freeskate levels 1-6 with the Lake Effect Figure Skating Club, our affiliate figure skating association. email Coach Brooke with questions.