Learn to Skate & Play Hockey

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Registration is now open for session 4 of our 2023-24 season of Learn to Skate; Learn to Play Hockey & Snow Plow. Sign up via our online registration portal.  

  • Session 4 runs March 2-April 20 (no class on March 30) on Saturdays at 10am for beginners, snow plow and Learn to Play Hockey. 
  • Basic Skills 2-6 and adults will start at 9:20am.

 check out our full season schedule here. Please feel free to reach out to Gillian if you have questions about registering for the upcoming season. Dates and times for the full season can be found here. Registration for each session will remain open until we reach capacity for the group or until 5pm the day before the session begins - whichever comes first.

Registration for session 4 opened on Jan 6 at 10am. Sign up soon as space is limited.

If you are unsure of where you or your child should be placed in class, feel free to reach out to BrookeGillian or Mike for assistance.

Learn to Skate, Learn to Play Hockey and Snow Plow are city-run programs that offer people of all ages the opportunity to being and develop their skating or hockey skills in an instructive and fun group environment.  

We also offer adult lessons! Our adult class is perfect for those 16+ who are stepping out on the ice for the first time or want to brush up on their skills.  Remember, it's never too late to learn to skate!

Learn to Skate: Basic Skills

Children on an Ice RinkLearn To Skate provides a fun way for skaters 3 -18 to learn to fundamentals of ice skating. Skaters are divided among our instructors based on experience, so the program is great for beginners and more advanced skaters. Learn to Skate will ensure you learn the correct techniques of the basic elements of skating. Email ltscoachbrooke@gmail.com with any questions. Register here. If your skater is under 5 and has no ice experience, see below for information on our Snow Plow program.

We also offer an adult track of Learn To Skate Basic Skills. Register here.

Learn to Play Hockey:

Learn To Play Hockey is a great way for children to start and develop their hockey-playing skilChildren on an Ice Rinkls. It's really important for Learn to Play Hockey that participants have basic skating skills. Full equipment is required. Email Mike Fountain with questions. Register here

Snow Plow:

Snow Plow is for children 5 years and younger who've never skated before. It teaches kids the basics of skating in a fun and safe environment. On-ice instruction is for 30 minutes. Email Coach Brook with any questions. Register here

If your skater is under three and you feel they're ready, reach out to Coach Brooke.

Adult Learn to Skate

Children on an Ice RinkOur adult-track classes are perfect for skaters 16+ who want to start and develop their skating skills. No experience is required, and lessons are perfect for those interested in hockey, figure skating as well as those looking for a new recreational activity. Email Coach Brooke with any questions. Register here

Learn to Skate USA

We are proud to be partnering with Learn to Skate USA.  This partnership provides your skaters with instruction from background-screened, certified instructors and instruction that follows a standardized curriculum founded in solid and fun skill progression. For other benefits, visit Learn to Skate USA.

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