Water & Sewer

General Information

Walker is served entirely by the Grand Rapids water and sanitary sewer systems. Grand Rapids owns, operates, and maintains both systems within the City of Walker. Water and sewer are considered retail utilities, meaning it is sold individually to property owners by Grand Rapids, not by Walker. Residents should go directly to Grand Rapids for questions regarding water and sewer.

Rate Study

City of Grand Rapids Water / Sewer Rate Study information is available on the City of Grand Rapids web page. The final rate study report contains the approved and adopted water and sewer rates, effective January 1, for Grand Rapids and the retail / wholesale customer communities it serves. The Grand Rapids Citizen's Guide of Water and Sewer Rates can be found here.

5 Year Plan

Potential water and sewer system projects are listed below. This list is preliminary and subject to change.

  • Sanitary Sewer - Kingsbury Pump Station Upgrades - 2022
  • Water Main - 4 Mile Road Looping / Interconnect with Alpine Township - 2023
  • Water Main - O'Brien Looping - Sunset Hills to Maynard - 2023
  • Water Main - Leonard - At Wilson - 2023
  • Water Main - South Walker - Phase 3 - 2024-2026
  • Water Main / Sanitary Sewer - General Oversizing - 2022-2026