The Engineering Department is responsible for a wide variety of community services and projects. The Department is committed to maintaining a positive relationship with Walker Residents, as well as construction and engineering firms with ongoing projects in the City. The Department reviews site plans and monitors construction projects within the public right-of-way, including soil erosion plans and maintenance of erosion control measures.

The City Engineer works directly with the Planning Department, the Assistant City Manager, and the City Manager on technical engineering issues as well as public administration. The Engineer conducts studies and formulates plans, including costs on potential improvements and new construction of traffic improvements, storm-water control, water main, sanitary sewer, and street facilities in order to meet community needs. In addition, he reports conclusions and gives insight to the Walker Planning Commission and City Commission to provide a clearer understanding of relevant engineering information. In a sense, the Engineer serves as a liaison among city officials, residents, construction and engineering firms on projects throughout Walker.