Reporting Water Pollution

What Is an Illicit Discharge or Connection?

An illicit discharge is any discharge to the storm sewer system that is not composed entirely of rainwater or groundwater. Examples include dumping of motor vehicle fluids, household hazardous wastes, grass clippings, leaf litter, industrial waste, restaurant wastes, or any other non-stormwater waste into a stormwater system. An illicit connection is the discharge of pollutants or non-stormwater materials into a storm sewer system via a pipe or other direct connection. Sources of illicit connections may include sanitary sewer taps, wash water for laundromats or car washes, and other similar sources.

How Do I Report an Illicit Discharge or Connection? 

To report a suspected illicit discharge, please contact the Engineering Programs Coordinator directly. You can also use the Reporting Brochure (PDF).