Water & Sewer Services

Public Water and Sewer Usage Bills

The City of Walker is a customer community of the City of Grand Rapids for public water and sewer service. For this reason, public water and sewer usage bills for properties located in the City of Walker are billed and collected by the City of Grand Rapids Water Department. The City of Walker only becomes involved in the billing process if an account remains unpaid for over 90 days and Grand Rapids turns that account over to Walker as allowed by contract between the two cities and State of Michigan law.

Water and/or Sewer Service liens for monthly and quarterly bills are obtained by calling the City of Grand Rapids Water System Customer Service Center at 616-456-3200. Certain online search capabilities are available at the following website (click on "Search and Pay Water Bill" box in the middle of the page).

Delinquent usage bill amounts owed to the City of Walker may be obtained by calling or emailing the Walker Treasurer's office.

Connecting to the Public Water and/or Sewer System

In order to connect to the public water and/or sewer system, the property owner must follow three steps.

  • Contact the Walker Treasurer's office to obtain a $2 water and sewer connection affidavit. In some cases, the property will also owe deferred water or sewer main frontage fee. This fee must be paid before Walker can issue the affidavit.
  • Contact the City of Grand Rapids Water Department (phone 616-456-3041 to obtain and pay for the connection fee and to schedule the connection. Grand Rapids will run a lateral from the main to the edge of the property line at the end of the road right-of-way. Grand Rapids will not proceed with this connection without the Walker affidavit listed above.
  • Contact an independent plumber to run the lateral from the house or building to the road right-of-way to connect to the Grand Rapids lateral.

Wells and Septic

The Kent County Health Department is responsible for the administration of wells and septic tanks for properties located in the City of Walker. The Health Department's phone number is 616-632-6900.

Sale of Property

The City of Walker does not require that a property connect to the public water and/or sewer systems as a condition of a property sale. However, the Kent County Health Department may require connection to the public system depending on the status of the well and septic systems. In addition, certain mortgage companies and/or types of mortgages may require connection to the public system as a condition of the mortgage.