How was I chosen for juror service?

You were chosen at random from the list of licensed drivers and state ID card holders.

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1. When and where must I report for juror service?
2. Will I be given any other confirmation before the day of jury duty?
3. Who should I notify if I cannot appear for jury service?
4. If I have a problem concerning my jury service, will I be given an opportunity to discuss it with the judge?
5. How long will the trial last?
6. Can I be summoned for jury duty again after this service?
7. What happens if there is an emergency while I am serving on the jury?
8. What do I do if I am not feeling well or if I have some personal problem while serving on the jury?
9. What is the likelihood that I will actually be selected to the jury?
10. How was I chosen for juror service?
11. Are many people excused from serving on a jury?
12. Before I am selected for a jury, will I be asked questions? And why?