Walker's Own, Officer Trevor Slot - EOW: 10/13/2011

Trevor Slot

October 13, 2011, is a day that will forever live in the memories of Walker Police Officers, both past and present. In the morning of this day, two armed men robbed the ChoiceOne bank in Ravenna and led FBI agents and police officers from multiple jurisdictions on a pursuit across Muskegon and Ottawa County. The robbers opened fire on pursuing officers with a shotgun and a rifle, and the pursuit reached speeds of over 100 miles per hour, greatly increasing the seriousness of the situation.

 At the time, Walker police officer Trevor Slot was assigned to the position of court officer. In this position, he did not respond to calls for service or work road patrol. However, when through his personal radio Ofc. Slot heard word of the pursuit and that it seemed to be headed toward the City of Walker on I-96, he quietly took initiative to leave the office and start toward the city border, planning to come to the aid of his fellow officers. Ofc. Slot reached the I-96 8th Avenue exit and attempted to deploy stop sticks, which would disable the robbers' vehicle and end the pursuit. However, the robbers fatally struck Ofc. Slot with their vehicle before themselves being killed in a firefight with other officers. At the time, Ofc. Slot was 41 years old and had served with the Walker Police Department for nine years. Prior to his time at Walker, Ofc. Slot served with the Lowell and St. Joseph police departments for a total of six years. Ofc. Slot was survived by his two daughters and his wife, who lost her battle with cancer in September of 2015. 

In his honor, in 2013, Michigan Representative and former City of Walker mayor Robert Verheulen successfully sponsored a bill to have a portion of I-96 stretching from 16th Avenue to Fruit Ridge Avenue NW renamed the "Officer Trevor Slot Memorial Highway." The City of Walker has renamed the portion of Remembrance Rd NW in front of the Walker Police Department the "Officer Trevor P. Slot Memorial Road." Each year, the Walker Police Department and the City of Walker hold an "Officer Trevor Slot Memorial Service," where his friends and officers who served with him speak in his memory. Started in 2013, the Trevor P. Slot Foundation provides annual scholarships to individuals seeking a future career in law enforcement. In the basement of the Walker Police Department, a memorial for Ofc. Slot faces officers as they exit their locker rooms each day.

Trevor Slot PD Basement Memorial

The tragedy of this day will forever be remembered. However, what should truly never be forgotten is the impact Trevor had on those he encountered, and the legacy he has left behind. The legacy of a life well lived. The legacy of a joy-filled laugh and a beaming smile. A joke for any occasion. A large Coke with ice from McDonald's to start the day. A never-ending list of novels read, and novels still to read. Friendship marked by sincerity. A willingness to take a stand and do the right thing, even when easier options abound. An unconditional love for a spouse. A tenderness only a father can reserve for his daughters. Bravery in the face of great danger, and a generosity that knows no limits. Even the limits of giving all that one has to give, and making the ultimate sacrifice. 

"There is no greater love than to lay down one's life for one's friends." John 15:13

Officer Trevor Slot, you, are our hero.

Family and Friends of Officer Slot