Honoring the Fallen

Officer Down Memorial Page

This page serves as a tribute to those who have gone before us and made the ultimate sacrifice. Law enforcement officers across the nation head into work each day knowing that there is a chance they may never return home. Of this possibility, they and their families are well aware. Yet they choose to put on the uniform day after day to protect and serve their communities. According to the Officer Down Memorial Page, more than 25,000 law enforcement officers from across the nation have died in the line of duty. The Kent County Area is not an exception to this figure, and neither is the Walker Police Department. Listed below are the names of every fallen officer who served within Kent County, along with their end of watch (EOW).

We salute you, fallen heroes. May we never forget.

Walker Police Department

Ofc. Trevor Slot   EOW: 10/13/2011

Kentwood Police Department

Ofc. Lester Barden   EOW: 1/17/1979

East Grand Rapids Department of Public Safety

Ofc. Bruce Popering   EOW: 07/17/1994

Kent County Sheriff's Office

Dep. David Cook   EOW: 11/1/2021

Dep. Charles Knapp   EOW: 5/25/1932

Dep. Charles Forward   EOW: 9/11/1921

Grand Rapids Police Department

Ofc. Robert Kozminski   EOW: 7/8/2007

Ofc. Daniel Duyst   EOW: 5/30/1994

Ofc. Floyd Taylor   EOW: 11/17/1986

Ofc. Herman Gloe   EOW: 12/12/1974

Ofc. Wayne Vonk   EOW: 1/19/1969

Ofc. Stanley Tuinen   EOW: 12/3/1966

Ofc. Francis Gallup   EOW: 5/13/1946

Ofc. John Meiboom   EOW: 10/10/1925

Det. Samuel Slater, Jr.   EOW: 12/9/1921


Ofc. Gerrit Brandsma   EOW: 12/7/1921

Ofc. George Geng   EOW: 5/18/1921

Ofc. Charles DeYoung   EOW: 6/7/1920

Ofc. Millard Davis   EOW: 8/25/1916

Ofc. Henry Slater   EOW: 9/4/1907

Det. George Powers EOW: 8/22/1895