Mast Arm Traffic Signal Policy

The City Commission recognizes the operational and aesthetic benefits of using mast arm signals in place of traditional diagonal or box span signals. It is their contention that the progressive implementation of mast arms will improve safety, by placing traffic signals in line with road lanes and providing a cleaner look throughout the City, by reducing the number of overhead wires along City roads. These results should benefit property values and increase business owner confidence throughout the City.

The City of Walker will now require the use of mast arm traffic signals throughout the City, as opportunities for upgrades and new signals present themselves. Private developments shall be required to plan for and utilize mast arms when a traffic signal is required as part of their development. Public projects shall also be designed to utilize mast arms whenever possible.

The mast arms shall be made of galvanized steel and shall meet the design specifications required by the City Engineer. Non-coated mast arms shall be used along industrial corridors. Black powder-coated mast arms shall be used along commercial and residential corridors. Green powder-coated mast arms shall be used within the Standale Downtown Development Authority (DDA) district.

Any exception to this policy must be approved by the City Commission.