Community Garden

The City of Walker and its Community Engagement Committee are pleased to offer residents a Community Garden. The garden is located on property southeast of Remembrance Church, located at 4575 Remembrance Road NW.

There are approximately 20 plots that are 15 feet by 30 feet in size. 

We are still working out the details for the 2022 growing season and will post details on how to sign up in April.

Thank you for your interest!

Community Garden Guidelines and Rules

Participants in Remembrance Church Community Garden must agree to follow these guidelines in order to maintain a high-quality gardening experience.

I agree-

1. To start planting my plot by Memorial Day weekend and maintain it until closed in the fall.

2. To notify the coordinator if the plot must be abandoned.

3. To keep weeds down and maintain the areas immediately surrounding my plot, if any.

4. That if my plot becomes unkempt, and I receive a notice to clean it up within one week and do not do so, I will forfeit my right to that plot and it may be reassigned or tilled in.

5. To remove trash and litter from my plot as well as adjacent pathways and areas.

6. To clean up my plot in the fall, removing vegetation and anything else brought in for decoration, or plant aid during the term.

7. To keep neighboring plots in mind when planning location of crops. For example, planting tall crops where they will not shade neighboring plots and vine crops (squash/pumpkins, etc) where they will not encroach a neighboring plot.

8. To pick only my crops unless given permission by another plot user.

9. I understand that pets are not allowed in the gardens.

10. I understand that neither the garden group nor owners of the land are responsible for my actions. My signature on the plot application form constitutes my acceptance of the guidelines and rules.