Ward 3 Commissioner Huizenga-Chase

Hello, friends and neighbors of Walker. My name is Elaina Huizenga-Chase and I was appointed by the City CommissionCommissioner Huizenga-Chase in May 2019 to serve as another Commissioner for the 3rd Ward. I have been a resident of the City of Walker for the past 17 years. I am a 2015 graduate of Calvin Christian High School. I have been a member of LaGrave CRC for my entire life. I studied at Calvin College, specializing in Civil Engineering along with business.

I first got involved in the City of Walker by being appointed to the Planning Commission in January 2018. I am looking forward to the committees in which I was appointed; the Zoning Board of Appeals, Building Committee, Community Engagement Committee, Finance Committee (Alternate), and Ordinance Committee (Alternate).

If there is any need to ever reach me, please do not hesitate to call 616-334-1900 or email. Follow me on Facebook or connect with me on LinkedIn.

Area highlighting the southern end of Walker