Department of Public Works

A loader filling a dump truck with salt.

Functions & Duties of the Department of Public Works


The DPW works closely with the City Engineer's Office on road projects, easements, and plan reviews. DPW crews also assist the Police and Fire Departments with various emergency incidents. 

Mission Statement:

To provide a safe quality City public road system for the motoring public, as cost-effective as possible, using the most current proven technology available to provide the highest quality of life for all.

    • Administrative/Operations
      • There are 24 full-time employees in the DPW Department this includes:
      • 1 Director
      • 1 Deputy Director
      • 4 Supervisors
      • 2 Crew Leaders
      • 1 Administrative Assistant.
    • Maintenance of local and significant streets
      • Crew maintains over 47.21 miles of major streets and 70.53 miles of local streets, including patching street sweeping, crack sealing, storm sewer cleaning, snow removal, and paving.
    • Fleet
      • There are 3 full time employees in our Fleet /Garage
      • 1 Fleet Supervisor
      • 2 Fleet Technicians
      • Crew maintains 444 pieces of equipment for the Department of Public Works (DPW), Police, and Fire Departments.
    • Building Maintenance
      • There are 2 full-time employees in the Building Maintenance Division this includes.
      • 1 Facilities Maintenance Supervisor
      • 1 Building Maintenance employee
      • Crew maintains 5 city buildings and is also responsible for ten contracted services and event setups.
    • Parks Maintenance
      • There are 4 full-time employees in the Parks Division this includes.
      • 1 Parks Supervisor
      • 1 Crew Leader
      • 2 parks staff
      • 1 Seasonal position
      • Staff maintains 4.75 miles of bike/walking trails,157 acres of city grounds, and 106.83 acres, which include ten parks, three cemeteries, two off-site fire stations, and the City Hall Complex.
      • Staff also maintain the DDA irrigation, streetlights, banners, and snow removal from the sidewalks. The city has contrate maintenance agreement for mowing and planting flowers in the DDA.
    • Sign Shop
      • There is 1 full time employee in the Sign Shop
      • He maintains 4,000 signs citywide, including order and pre-make signs, design and produce signs, vehicle detailing centerline painting/markings, and crosswalks.
  • DPW Crew also assists in the cleanup and set-up of the following City programs.

    • Adopt A Road     
    • Clean Up Days    
    • Easter Egg Hunt   
    • Leaf Recycling Program
    • Memorial Day    
    • Pumpkin Bash    
    • Standale Summer Concert Series
    • Winter Fest and Tree Lighting
    • Block Parties
    • Kent District Library Events 
    • 59th District Court Community Service Workers
    • Voting setup and tear down