Downtown Development Authority

City of Walker - Downtown Standale: Downtown Development Authority

The Downtown Development Authority (DDA) is responsible for implementing Act 197 of the Public Acts of Michigan, which oversees the prevention of deterioration in the downtown district, the encouragement of historic preservation, the creation and implementation of development plans in the downtown district, and the promotion of economic growth. The board also assists in providing local community events and resources for local business owners in the Standale/Walker area.

The qualifications for this board position are as follows:

  • Four-year term
  • Requires attendance at monthly meetings
  • To be considered for this board position you must have an interest in Standale by either owning or leasing property or be employed by a legal entity in the district.
  • Members of the board shall serve without compensation, but can be reimbursed for actual and necessary expenses.
  • Please see the map of the district (PDF)

To apply, please submit the DDA application (PDF) to Jessica Marion, Deputy City Clerk

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Board of Directors

  • David Brinza, Chairman, Goodwill Industries
  • Jim DeGroot, Vice Chairman, Riverbend Body Shop
  • Tim Hiller, Chick-Fil-A Walker
  • Cindy Ludwick, Seven and Mane Salon
  • Randy Smith, Builder/Developer
  • Scott Zokoe, Zokoe Team Real Estate
  • Lauren McNees, Wilderness Expression
  • Gary Carey, Jr., Mayor 
  • Darrel Schmalzel, City Manager

Additional City Staff

  • Frank Wash
  • Scott Conners
  • Gary Postema
  • Jessica Marion
  • Nicole DiDonato

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