Membership Notice updated 5/13/2020

Thank you all for being loyal members to the Walker Ice and Fitness Center.  We want to update you all on your memberships here.  There will be no Electronic billing of dues until we have a firm date to reopen.  For those of you who have prepaid your dues, time will be added onto the end of your contracts for the days that we have been closed.  When our building opens again and you have more questions, we can talk one on one concerning your membership.
We are encouraging everyone to find ways at home to stay healthy and eat right.  We encourage you to check out City Central Park behind our facility!  There are lots of trails for running, walking and biking as well as tennis, basketball and pickleball courts, outdoor roller rink, playgrounds and picnic pavilion!!  Reminder that the outdoor restrooms will remain closed and we ask that you observe social distancing while enjoying the park!
Thank you for your patience during this health crisis and we are looking forward to welcoming each one of you back very soon—we have missed you!